Boulder YC 2018

Come see our student performances!

  • 18 May, Friday, 12-1pm. Medtronics, 6034 Gunbarrel Avenue, Boulder, 80301.Enter Building 6 through the revolving doors and check in with the Guard at the desk. The Red Rocks auditorium is just to the right of the Guard desk. Please text Nina at 720 2203121 if you have trouble finding us!
    • Rowan as David Bowie
    • Rishi as Toussaint Louverture
    • Milan as Stephen Hawking
  • Also on 18 May, our Chautauqua coach Susan Marie Frontczak will be performing as Eleanor Roosevelt at the United Nations, in Broomfield at 2:00pm. More info at:< 
  • 19 May, Saturday, 3:00pm. Frasier Meadows Health Care Center, 2nd Floor, 4950 Thunderbird Dr., Boulder.
    • Kaia as Amelia Earhart
    • Rita as Audrey Hepburn
    • Sabine as Queen Elizabeth I
    • Kaiyah as Elizabeth Taylor
  • 23 May, Wednesday, 3:00pm. Frasier Meadows Assisted Living, 1st Floor, 4950 Thunderbird Dr., Boulder.
    • Rishi as Toussaint Louverture
    • Melanie as Agatha Christie
    • Rowan as David Bowie
    • Milan as Stephen Hawking
  • 25 May, Friday, 2:00pm. Golden West Retirement Community Assisted Living, 1055 Adams Circle, Boulder, CO  80303.
    • Melanie as Agatha Christie
    • Milan as Stephen Hawking
    • Casey as Esther Williams
    • Saiyora as Empress Dowager Cixi
  • 27 May, Sunday, 4:00pm. The Carillon Retirement Community, 2525 Taft Drive, Boulder.
    • Kaiyah as Elizabeth Taylor
    • Rita as Audrey Hepburn
    • Sabine as Queen Elizabeth I
    • Rowan as David Bowie

About our program:

The Boulder Young Chautauqua program guides students through the process of creating and presenting a ‘living history’ performance about a historical character of their choice. 

Each Young Chautauquan selects an inspiring person from history who possesses qualities, values, or life circumstances that the student can identify with in his or her own life.  The student researches this character and writes an original 5-15 minute monologue from the perspective of the historical person. Included in the monologue are aspects of the historical character’s personality, ideology, and the life-changing events that molded their character.  In addition to the monologue, each student prepares for two distinct question-and-answer sessions; first answering questions while remaining in character, and later answering questions as the researcher.  

There’s lots more information on our website – just click on one of the menu options above. Also, be sure to check out photos of our talented students in action in the Photo Gallery or contact us if you have any questions!

Young Chautauqua students learn about so many different skills each semester, including:

  • finding and evaluating primary resources
  • creative writing
  • listening and critical thinking skills
  • historically & culturally appropriate writing
  • how to give and receive criticism gracefully
  • details about 10-15 different historical characters & time periods from fellow students’ projects
  • theater & performance skills
  • confident public speaking
  • quick thinking required to answer questions with poise
  • supporting and encouraging other students with a wide variety of skills

…. and many other unexpected experiences that our students could never have anticipated touching their lives.  From the simple pleasures of making folks at a senior center laugh, to turning the pages of a 100 year old newspaper, to being offered the opportunity to take your very first airplane flight ever (read about that story here), exciting and rewarding opportunities seem to show up for our students who are out in the community learning from others and sharing with others what they learn.  We hope you’ll join us! To register or learn more about our program, contact Chris at:

  • Photo Gallery: Click on the photo to see more of our talented students in action!

    S. as Julius Caesar

    S. as Julius Caesar