z2013 Characters

  1. Trine: Russian Empress Alexandra Romanov, german, Q Victoria’s granddaughter,
  2. Sima: Fashion designer Coco Chanel, perfume
  3. Nicola: artist Georgia O’Keefe, southwest
  4. Gwen: poet Emily Dickenson
  5. Simon: Scientist Copernicus,
  6. Gwyneth: Pancho Barnes
  7. Glynnis:Lucile Wise, Wasp pilot
  8. Rhys: Hiroo Onoko (sp?)
  9. Casey: Bruce Lee,
  10. Melanie: Abbie Burgess, Lighthouse keeper, maine
  11. Dariya: Marie- Anne Lavoisier, chemist
  12. Ahren: Nicholas Tessla, inventor
  13. Eleanor: artist mary cassatt
  14. Eya: Bob Moog, synthesizer inventor
  15. Peter: writer J.R.R. Tolkien
  16. Sally: Lis Hartel, Danish, polio, olympic equestrian
  17. Claire: Mystery writer Agatha Christie
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  • Photo Gallery: Click on the photo to see more of our talented students in action!

    S. as Julius Caesar

    S. as Julius Caesar