Programs for performances

Please send character images and blurbs (see samples of each below) to Michelle at

Sample character images on past program covers :

Character images can be photographs, images from the web, or something you’ve drawn yourself, and can be either a portrait of the character or any other image you feel represents your character – feel free to be creative!!

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Sample program blurbs:

Start with your character’s name and dates of birth-death.  Add 2-3 sentences about your character’s life.  Finish off with the title of a good book and/or address of a favorite website about your character.  That’s it!

Pauline Cushman, 1833-1897 (portrayed by Kaya).  Pauline Cushman was an actress, and later a Union spy during the civil war.  Recommended reading: The Life of Pauline Cushman by Ferdinand L. Sarimento.


Margaret Bourke-White, 1904-1971 (portrayed by _______)  Margaret was among the pioneering photographers of the early Twentieth Century. A substantial portion of her career was spent working for Fortune and Life magazines. In addition to photographing such people as Stalin, and Mahatma Gandhi, Margaret wrote a total of 10 books illustrated with hundreds of her photographs.Suggested Reading: Portrait of Myself by Margaret Bourke-White, 1963 (Chapter book.); Margaret Bourke-Whiteby Susan Goldman Rubin, 1999. (Children’s book)


Mary Cassatt, 1844 – 1926 (portrayed by Melanie) Mary Cassatt was an American Impressionist painter who influenced art for decades to come.  She worked in many mediums which included Drypoint, Pastel, and Oil. She is most remembered as a painter of mothers and children and her painting, “The Boating Party”.Recommended reading/viewing:  (Juvenile) Mary Cassatt: family pictures by Claire Leonard / Jane O’Connor; (Adult) Mary Cassatt: oils and pastels Bullard, E. John; (DVD) Mary Cassatt : a brush with independence.


Eleanor Roosevelt, 1884-1962 (portrayed by Eleanor).  Born October 11, 1884, in New York City, Eleanor Roosevelt was a shy child who, despite a tragically difficult childhood, grew up to be one of America’s most inspiring and beloved women.  Eleanor Roosevelt pioneered the early days of the UN, was outspoken on women’s issues, and changed the role of the first lady in America forever.


Buddy Holly, 1936 – 1959 (portrayed by Casey) Buddy Holly was an American singer-songwriter and a pioneer of rock and roll. Although his success lasted only a year and a half before his death in an airplane crash, Holly was a huge creative force in early rock and roll.  His works and innovations inspired and influenced The Beatles, Elvis Costello, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and Eric Clapton, and exerted a profound influence on popular music.Recommended reading/viewing:  (Juvenile) Buddy: the story of Buddy Holly by Anne Bustard; (Adult) The day the music died: the last tour of Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens by Larry Lehmer;  (All Ages) The Real Buddy Holly Story by Paul McCartney;  Online Video –


Sonora Carver (portrayed by Gwyneth) The ad read: “wanted attractive young woman who can swim and dive. likes horses, desires to travel.” and so began the exhilarating life of show business for Sonora Carver.The “diving horses act” was one of the more interesting acts in the 1900s show industry, and involved a girl on a horse diving off a high thirty, forty or sixty foot tower into a large tank of water. The show was owned by Dr. Carver (and later his son Al) and the act would travel from town to town, across America to perform in front of thousands.  Sonora became known as one of the more famous “diving girls” in the act, and stuck with it through years of hardships and trials.


All programs made for performances should include a thank you to and the logo of our sponsor, Colorado Humanities:

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