Try the History Day Competition!

Hi, Fellow Young Chautauquans! This is Levi here…

For all of you who are middle-school and high-school grade level or age, there is a history opportunity that might be interesting for you: History Day in Colorado. History Day is actually a national competition, that begins at the local level, then goes to state levels, and finally to the national level. There are several project types to choose from, including: documentary film, an exhibit, a paper, a website, or a performance. The performance category, of course, is similar to our Young Chautauqua projects. However, while you are researching your characters, you might be inspired to do a project in one of the other categories, rather than a performance. You can also work in groups of 2 to 5 students.

Each year there is a theme for History Day, and this year’s theme is: “Taking a Stand in History” If you are researching a character that might fall under this theme, History Day could be a great venue for your research.

Here are the details for our local/regional competition:
Boulder County Regionals: April 8
Registration deadline: TBD
Papers and Website Entries Due: TBD
Marlys Lietz, Regional Coordinator
6500 Arapahoe
Boulder, CO 80303
Phone: 720-561-5149
The Colorado State History Day website has an abundance of information about the yearly theme, project ideas, all the specific rules and guidelines, etc.:

A few years ago, I (Levi) entered the performance category, doing my YC character Marie Anne Lavoisier, the wife of the famous French chemist Antoine Lavoisier. My impressions from that day: The Colorado History Day competition really emphasizes primary resources, to a much greater extent than their rule books or guidelines would indicate. The performances for History Day can only be 10 minutes long, and they are very strict about this time limit. In fact, all of the categories have very strict rules about length (of the paper, documentary time, etc.), so be sure to check the rule book carefully. For performances, there is no in-character Q&A session, and the out-of-character questions from the judges tend to be more about your research resources than about your actual subject matter. It is quite a different experience than our YC projects, but a good opportunity, especially if you are selected to go to State or National level competitions.

If you have other questions about History Day, please e-mail me, or talk to me at one of our meetings: –Levi

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