2012 Characters

Eva Cassidy, singer, 1963-1996,   (Sima)

Paul Tibbets, pilot of the Enola Gay,  1915-2007 (Rhys)

Frances Hamerstrom, naturalist, 1908-1998 (Sedona)

Rachel Carson, naturalist, 1907-1964 (Cana)

Margaret Bourke-White, photographer,  1904-1971 (Teagen)

Sonora Carver, diving horse performer, 1904-2003 (Gwyneth)

Thomas Andrews, designer of Titanic, ?  -1912 (Andrew)

Nathaniel Woodford Bass, geologist, 1893-1979 (Sommyr)

Lillian Leitzel, circus performer, 1892-1931 (Jessie)

Eleanor Roosevelt, first lady and activist, 1884-1962 (Ella)

Nellie Cashman, Alaskan adventurer, 1850-? (Glynnis)

Mary Cassat, painter, 1844-1926 (Melanie)

Lewis Carroll, writer & math lecturer, 1832-1898, (Dariya)

Isabella Bird, adventurer, 1831-1904 (Meli)

Paul Revere, American patriot, 1734-?  (Max)

Grace O’Malley, pirate, 1530-1603 (Nicole)

Agrippina the Elder, Roman leader, 14 BC – 33 AD (Liesl)

Cleopatra, last queen of Egypt, 69 BC – 30 BC (Laurel)

Jacques Cousteau, oceanographer, dates? (Ahren)

Pauline Cushman, actress and civil war spy, dates? (Kaya)

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    S. as Julius Caesar

    S. as Julius Caesar