Meeting Info 2012

We’re meeting from 4:30-6:30pm in the Boulder History Museum 3rd floor attic. When arriving or departing after 5pm, please use the museum’s BACK door.  This chart shows which dates each student will be working with Susan Marie:

Jan 4:  We did theater warm-ups & games, and discussed the 3 Guiding questions, an overview of a YC project, and an overview of the semester.  Click here for handouts on the three guiding questions and overview of a YC project.  To prepare for our Jan 18 meeting students should: decide on a character and start reading as much as possible about him/her; start a timeline for your character – as simple or fancy as desired – for ideas, google “make a timeline”; experienced YCer’s bring one “story” from a previous character you’ve done.  It should be just a few minutes long and should contain some good details such as emotions or the 5 senses.  Be ready to discuss how your story helps to answer one of the 3 guiding questions.

Optional: Jan 14 2:00pm Susan Marie performs as Irene Castle at the Boulder Public Library

Jan 18: THANK YOU!!! to Leslie for the great presentation and discussion about  research resources & techniques.  Click here for notes on primary & secondary resources and evaluating the quality of your sources.  Some good websites for researching your character are: Hathi Trust Digital LibraryThe Online Books Page,  Google Books  We also listened to some experienced YCer’s read ‘stories’ from their previous characters.  In these stories we looked for ways to bring your stories alive by always keeping in mind the 3 guiding questions and by using: the five senses (such as: a red coat, the smell of gunpowder, chirping birds); emotions (instead of, “I was excited about our trip” try something like,  “My heart leaped – we were going to London!”; and historical details (“the Jews were given less than 200 calories per day” or “we rode in Mr. Ferris’ wheel”   To prepare for our Feb 1 meeting:  Everyone – bring your timeline and one written story about your character.  It’s ok if it is a rough/first draft, and it’s ok if it is a story you don’t end up using in your final performance – just bring a story!  the following students will meet with Susan Marie on Feb 1: Ahren, Cana, Ella, Glynnis, Gwyneth, Laurel, Max, Rhys, Dariya & Sommyr.  Everyone else will meet in small peer groups for discussion & feedback

Feb 1:  Susan Marie workshop and small peer groups for discussion & feedback.  Check the Writing Tips page to read notes from the discussions

Feb 15: We talked about more writing and performance tips – please check those pages for notes from the discussions.  For our next meeting on 2/29 everyone should have some new material to share with the group.  For those meeting with Susan Marie,  it’d be best if you know a section well enough that you can talk through it without reading it from a paper (so not necessarily memorized, but have a good idea of how the section goes so you can get the general idea out in words without reading it).  For everyone it’d be good to have 2 stories in the works by the end of February. 

Feb 29 Susan Marie workshop for Andrew, Cana, Dariya, Ella, Kaya, Max, Melanie, Meli, Sima, Sommyr.   Everyone else will work in small peer groups.

Mar 7 We had another great workshop with Susan Marie and I continue to add ideas and tips to the writing and performance pages – keep checking back to read new material, and keep looking through your monologue to find new ways to enhance your content.

Optional: March 10 Susan Marie performs as Marie Curie at CU Wizards

Mar 21 NO MEETING – this meeting has been RESCHEDULED TO MARCH 28

Mar 28 Susan Marie workshop for Ahren, Cana, Dariya, Ella, Glynnis, Max, Melanie, Sedona, Sima, Sommyr.  The main body of your monologue should be in rough draft by this date and in the next weeks you should start work on editing and creating your opening, closing & introduction.

April 4 Susan Marie workshop for Andrew, Jessie, Kaya, Laurel, Liesl, Melanie, Meli, Nicole, Rhys, Teagen.   The next two weeks should be all about rehearsing!

April 18 Dress rehearsal for everyone (even if you have a workshop on May 2)

May 2 Susan Marie workshop for Andrew, Gwyneth, Jessie, Kaya, Liesl, Meli, Nicole, Sedona, Sima, Teagen

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    S. as Julius Caesar

    S. as Julius Caesar