Performance Opportunities 2012

Sample performance announcement:

Happy Mother’s Day and thank you so much for coming to tonight’s Young Chautauqua performances. In Young Chautauqua, students choose a historical figure to portray in a “living history” format.   Each student selects a character in January, and spends more than five months reading about their character, researching historical time periods, writing an original script and rehearsing a solo performance in which the student becomes that historical character.   Young Chautauqua is supported by the generous funding of Colorado Humanities, our amazing acting coach Susan Marie Frontczak, and by the Boulder History Museum who donate meeting and performance space to our group.

The young chautauqua program is set up in a special format which includes a performance and 2 separate question & answer sessions. First, each historical character will share with you a 10-15 minute performance about his or her life. Next, each student will remain in character, and you will have the chance to ask the historical figure any questions you may have about their lives so far.   Finally,   the students will step out of their “acting” mode and would be glad to answer any other questions you have about  the later years in the life of their character, how and when their character died,  or questions you have about  the  research done by the students.

Youtube video of a sample performance can be viewed at: 
Here are a few ideas to get started; please add more and volunteer to contact a few in the comments section and I’ll keep updating the list.

The Cottages at Dayton Place (retirement place in SE Denver)

High Plains Chautauqua (in Greeley, early August dates – ask Chris for contact info)

Locations that may be appropriate for specific characters:

  • Molly Brown House for Titanic character

Good venues but harder to generate an audience – success depends somewhat on their willingness to help publicize:

  • Boulder Chautauqua (ask Chris for contact info)
  • Louisville Public Library (ask Chris for contact info)

The following are IN PROGRESS – Thanks so much!

  • The Academy  – Jane contacting
  • Nederland library, teen center and/or senior center – Betty contacting
  • Boulder Open Space (for naturalist characters) – Linda contacting
  • Erie Spirit of Flight Museum for Paul Tibbets character – Chris initiating contact
  • Boulder Library – Wendy contacting
  • Rocky Mountain Center for Musical Arts – Jane contacting
  • CU – Nicole contacting
  • Lafayette Library – Jane contacting
  • Waneka Lake – pot luck & park day – Michelle organizing
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  • Photo Gallery: Click on the photo to see more of our talented students in action!

    S. as Julius Caesar

    S. as Julius Caesar